How do I set up PredictBGL integration?

The easiest way is via the PredictBGL Settings and to link to a new account on FitnessSyncer. Once that is done, add a source for your Activities, Nutrition, and Glucose information and FitnessSyncer will do the rest. This integration makes it easy for you to control your diabetes with PredictBGL.

In order to do all syncs, you will require a FitnessSyncer Pro account.

If you already have an account setup, simply add a new Destination Task for your Glucose, Nutrition, and Activities that sync with PredictBGL, and add the appropriate sources for that data.

I am using PredictBGL as a source and it is not syncing with my destinations; why?

PredictBGL does not provide us with the details of your activities and other information that other providers may require. We do our best to synchronize the data which we have, but some providers need a particular structure.

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