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Whether you are trying to shed a few pounds, increase your aerobic activities, train for a marathon, or trying to beat your PR, FitnessSyncer has the tools to help. Just add your health and fitness data.

Publish your Goals and Progress to Facebook and Twitter via FitnessSyncer

Get Social!

Achieving your health and fitness goals is easier when you share them with family and close friends who can help you stay on track and celebrate your successes. FitnessSyncer can automatically post your progress to your Facebook and/or Twitter community daily, weekly, or monthly. Customize the data you want to share, and select how public, or to which group of friends to share with.

It’s free with your FitnessSyncer account, and the best part is, the Social Destination Task does not count from your 5 free sources or destinations.

Set and Track Goals in FitnessSyncer

Measuring your progress!

FitnessSyncer can help you stay on track by highlighting your goals in our dashboards, sending e-mail status reminders, social updates, custom dashboard widgets for Pro users, and more.

FitnessSyncer allows you to track any goals based on your health and fitness data in FitnessSyncer — such as the number of steps per day, the number of runs per week, weight, etc. Goal tracking is limited on free accounts to the most common goals, or upgrade to FitnessSyncer Pro for a full range of options.

FitnessSyncer also allows you to track goals over time. For example, if you’re preparing for a marathon, you’ll want to slowly add mileage to your running plan. Using FitnessSyncer Goals, you can readjust your Running Distance Goal to match your running plan.

Challenge yourself to always meet your goals!

Goals are a great way to get — and stay motivated. Turn it into a personal challenge by tracking the number of consecutive days that you meet your goals in our dashboard and see your top efforts in Your Best.

Chart Updates

Heart rate zones with your Heart Rate Recovery Rate

We’re always looking for new ways to give you insight into your data — hey you work hard for it!

For all users, we’ve added a Heart Rate Recovery Graph to the Item Analytics. The graph displays the range of your heart rate during your workout, the final heart rate, and if your fitness tracker can to get the data — your heart rate 2 minutes after the activity.

Logged Workout Histogram
Power Zone Histogram

FitnessSyncer Pro Updates

You can now add the Power Zone Histogram and Time within the zones. Power zones are configured in your profile and can be configured separately for running, cycling, and other activities.

FitnessSyncer Pro users can add Table Views to your dashboards. You can change the display options, sort the table on the Dashboard, and download the data as a CSV.

We have also added new Histogram Charts for our FitnessSyncer Pro users. See your heart rate, active time, and sleep histograms to spot trends in your daily activities.

Share your Activities

Share Your Activities

Share charts from your Item Analytics pages on Facebook, Twitter, send via E-mail, or copy the link into your blog, forums, etc. Manage the charts that you have shared under your Account.

More ways to go Pro!

Take advantage of unlimited data sources and destinations, customizable dashboards, more analytics, and more flexibility with your data!

Easy and convenient with more payment options:

We have extended our apps to also include an in-app Dashboard to make it easier for you to see your progress.

Thank you to all of our FitnessSyncer Pro subscribers — your support helps our continued development!

Cycling the Gorge!

Join the National Bike Challenge

The 2017 National Bike Challenge is a free, US-wide event where you earn points for your bike rides. It’s an easy way to challenge yourself, your colleagues and your community to ride more while competing on a local, state, and national level.

All data for National Bike Challenge is input via Strava. Want to participate but don't use Strava? FitnessSyncer can take your ride data from various trackers, apps, and devices and upload them to Strava automatically — and free! Learn more: https://nationalbikechallenge.org.

Join the cause and get started today!

Now Supporting

We’re always adding new sources — most recently we added the following to our roster of clouds, apps, and devices:

And we’ve added expansions to some of our existing services:

And we already support these services:

Plus, copies of your data as GPX, TCX, FIT, KML, KMZ, PWX and CSV from and to:

Removed FitBug

We are no longer supporting FitBug due to changes in their business model. But don’t worry, any synchronized data from FitBug is still stored in FitnessSyncer.

Enhanced Support Center

We have enhanced our Support Center by dividing our documentation into separate pages, adding more FAQs, and search capability.

Of course, we’re still an e-mail away if you need any assistance!

Keeping you motivated keeps us moving!

We have a lot of new features coming soon. Let us know how we can help you make sense of your health and fitness data.

Stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for using FitnessSyncer. We’re proud to be part of your health and fitness journey.

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