FitnessSyncer Social Task

This task will post a summary of your selected data sources and will include updates on your goals to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. To configure one of these tasks:

  • From your Account, add a new destination task ()
  • Type: Set the Type to Social Update
  • Name: Describe your task. If left blank, FitnessSyncer will create a default.
  • Destination: Select either Facebook or Twitter
  • Frequency: Indicate how frequent you wish to post to your account
  • Sync Time: Specifies the time you wish to synchronize your data. This can be a specific time or hourly if you are a Pro user.
  • Authentication: Based on the service you have selected, this is the permissions required to access it. Some services may require a username and password, while others require you to grant us permission on their sites. For more information, see Permissions.
  • Inclusions: Allows you to filter out data source types quickly so that your connections only see the data you wish for them to see.
  • Enabled: You must select the checkbox in order to use this destination. If this checkbox is not enabled, this destination will never be ran.
  • Filters in Advanced Options: You can filter the data read from this source in many ways; see the Filters section for more information. Note: This is not available within our Apps.

When you connect to Facebook, you will choose the visibility of this data so that you can limit it to your friends and family or to wider audiences.

When connecting to Twitter, all postings will be publicly viewable to all.

It should be noted that you can always revoke the anonymous visibility of this data by removing authentication for the Summary page in Permissions Tab on your account.

On this page, the toolbar on existing tasks will contain these options:

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