Unleash your Data with FitnessSyncer Pro

FitnessSyncer Pro unlocks powerful features so you can take control of your health and fitness data. You determine the charts you want to see and how you want them — from unlimited sources. Pinpoint what’s working and what’s not, so you can modify your training, and celebrate reaching your goals.

FitnessSyncer Pro is only for personal use. For research studies, corporate wellness, or group usage, please contact us for pricing.

More features, more insights.


  • Sync with All Supported Services

  • 5 Sources and Tasks

  • 6-8 weeks in Dashboard

  • On Demand Synchronization

  • Synchronizes Nightly

  • One Dashboard, Not Customizable

  • Goal Tracking for Steps, Distance, Floors Climbed, Weight, Nutrition Calories, Carbohydrates, Water Intake, Sleeping Minutes, and Glucose

  • 3 Months of Your Best


  • Sync with All Supported Services

  • Unlimited Sources and Tasks

  • Unlimited Data in Dashboard

  • On Demand Synchronization

  • Schedule Synchronize Anytime

  • Unlimited, Customizable Dashboards

  • Goal Tracking on any Field from your Activity, Body Composition, Blood Pressure, Glucose, Nutrition, Oxygen, and Sleep

  • Any combination of Your Best, Including Custom Time Frames and Lifetime Achievements!

  • Includes Auto-Sync from Providers such as Fitbit, Garmin Connect, iHealth, Misfit, Omron, etc.

  • Historic Syncs to Download Your Data from services like Fitbit

  • Send your E-mail Updates to Anyone!

  • Include Files in E-mail Updates

  • Supports Development