FitnessSyncer Compare

FitnessSyncer Compare allows you to compare two or more items from your FitnessSyncer Stream. For example, if you are training, the FitnessSyncer Compare allows you to compare two workouts to see how they differ and provide you insights into what you need to focus on to improve.

From FitnessSyncer Stream, you can select the Compare    , which will allow you to choose two or more items that you wish to compare.

To select an item for comparison, select the Compare checkbox within the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) section.

Once you have selected two or more items, the Compare button will be enabled, and you will be able to Compare the items.

FitnessSyncer Compare will show you column charts compare each of the key metrics for that data so you can see the differences. If the item is an activity with rich analytics, FitnessSyncer Compare will also show you line charts comparing the key metrics from both items.

FitnessSyncer Compare is currently available on and is not available in our apps.