February 2017: Fitbug Removed

As Fitbug is transitioning their business model, they have removed their Fitbug API and we have removed this service. All existing data in your account from Fitbug is safely stored unless you issue a reset, but no new data will be received.

December 2016: TrainingPeaks Change

TrainingPeaks API has changed on December 7th, 2016 which is summarized here.

August 2016: Garmin Connect Upload Removed

Garmin Connect made changes to their API which is summarized here.

August 2016: Fitbit removes Blood Pressure and Glucose

Fitbit removed Blood Pressure and Glucose tracking from their API.

September 2014: Advanced Tasks

Advanced Tasks have been removed from FitnessSyncer to allow an easier to use experience and allow you to see your information on our FitnessSyncer Stream and Dashboard which allows for better visibility to the data, better debuggability, and a better over-all experience. Instead, add a new Source and add a Destination.

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