November 2018: Google Fit Location Unavailable

In order to improve data privacy and security, Google Fit will limit access to your location information. For uploaded activities wiht Location information, this will only be visible within Google Fit. For downloaded activities, we will no longer have access to your location data in Google Fit.

July 2018: MovesApp Removed

Facebook has announced that they are deprecating the MovesApp effective July 31, 2018. We will continue to provide service until this time. More information is available here.

March 2018: Aerobic Steps Removed

As Fitbug was the only provider which supported Aerobic Steps, we have removed the ability to specifiy Aerobic Steps and Duration. For any previously stored activities, there are now added as part of your steps and durations.

February 2018: FDDB Removed

Due to the General Data Protection Regulation, FDDB has removed their API as of February 28, 2018. We will continue to provide service until this time. More information is available here (in German).

July 2017: Beddit Removed

Beddit has deprecated their API, but while they have not provided us with a date of when this will be removed, we will continue to provide the service. Once it is removed or stops working, we will formally remove it.

June 2017: Sony Lifelog Removed

Sony has turned off the Sony Lifelog API and has not provided an alternative to acquire this data at this time. All existing data in your account from Sony Lifelog is safely stored unless you issue a reset, but no new data will be received.

February 2017: Fitbug Removed

As Fitbug is transitioning their business model, they have removed their Fitbug API and we have removed this service. All existing data in your account from Fitbug is safely stored unless you issue a reset, but no new data will be received.

December 2016: TrainingPeaks Change

TrainingPeaks API has changed on December 7th, 2016 and some of our features were impacted:

  • Using as an Activity Source: We now only read in summary information of your activities, including data such as the date, time, and type of activity; it does not contain a map, calories, and other metadata associated with your activities.
  • Using as an Activity Destination: We are now able to upload non-summary activities into TrainingPeaks, meaning that if you can download a GPX or TCX file from our Stream, we will be able to upload this data to TrainingPeaks. Summary information is not uploaded to TrainingPeaks.
  • Using as a Health Log: FitnessSyncer now features the ability to log your health data into TrainingPeaks. While we cannot read this information, any supported health information on our site can be published to TrainingPeaks to allow you to better plan your training sessions, including steps, resting heart rate, body composition, blood pressure, oxygen, sleep, and temperature.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

August 2016: Garmin Connect Upload Removed

Garmin Connect made changes to their API which is summarized here.

August 2016: Fitbit Removes Blood Pressure and Glucose

Fitbit removed Blood Pressure and Glucose tracking from their API.

September 2014: Advanced Tasks

Advanced Tasks have been removed from FitnessSyncer to allow an easier to use experience and allow you to see your information on our FitnessSyncer Stream and Dashboard which allows for better visibility to the data, better debuggability, and a better over-all experience. Instead, add a new Source and add a Destination.

June 2014: Nike Fuel Removed

Nike Fuel has changed their developer program and has not extended invitations to existing partners. At this time, users which have already configured their account in FitnessSyncer will continue to have access to their data, however, we will not be able to extend this ability to new users. That said, most of the data should be available within Google Fit and Apple Health. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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