What is the difference between Garmin Connect (Wellness) and Garmin Connect (Sports)?

Garmin provides wearables, sport watches, and hybrids.

The data for the wearables comes from Garmin Connect (Wellness), such as your step summary, detected activities, sleep, etc. from devices such as Vivofit.

The data for the sport watches is available under Garmin Connect (Sports) which has the detailed data to better analyze your activities.

The hybrid devices will have data from both services and we recommend using both for the best data for your analysis.

What is the difference between Garmin Connect and Garmin Connect [China]?

Garmin Connect is federated and has their services both behind and If you access your data via the endpoint, please use the [China] denoted Garmin Connect sources, otherwise you should use the default.

What are the changes and limitations to the Garmin Connect (Sports) features?

Garmin has made changes to their API program in the summer of 2016 which provides you with better security and flexibility and as a consequence, some of our features are impacted.

  • Using as a Source: If you are using Garmin Connect as a Source, you simply need to change the Source of your item from Garmin Connect (Deprecated) to Garmin Connect and reauthenticate. When you record a new activity in Garmin Connect, it will automatically be sent to us without an explicit sync.
  • Historical Sync: In the previous version of Garmin Connect’s API, we were able to acquire your entire history. Unfortunately, we are currently only able to acquire the last 30 days of activities at this time.
  • Backups: Due to the Historical Sync issue, we recommend that you add a destination for maps to be sent to Amazon S3, DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive so that you can keep your entire history.
  • Using as a Destination: The ability to use Garmin as a Destination has been removed as Garmin has deprecated this API. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The values are different in Garmin Connect (Sports) vs your system; why?

Garmin (and other services) do post processing of the data that they send us. As a consequence of this, sometimes the durations and various metrics will not match exactly because of this.

FitnessSyncer does not have entries for things in Garmin Connect (Sports); why?

We use Garmin’s Push API which means that when your Garmin device syncs with Garmin, we receive it shortly afterwards. Some of your activities may originate in other services such as Zwift or SufferFest which due to contractual obligations, they do not send such activities to us. If your data originates from another party, we recommend that you use an alternative sound for that data.

Nothing seems to happen when I click Sync on my Garmin Connect sources; why?

For Garmin Connect, we get immediately notified whenever you sync or add a new activity on their end, and thus, the sync button usually does not find anything.

There is no data on my Garmin Connect (Wellness) or Garmin Connect (Sports); why? Why am I not receiving new data? Why is there only 30 days of history?

Garmin Connect only starts collecting data from the moment you start using FitnessSyncer. For Garmin Connect (Wellness), Pro users can request historic syncs, but this only covers the previous 30 days of data.

If this is still happening, you may need to delete tokens from Garmin Connect. To do so:

  • Go to Garmin Connect
  • Click on your account icon on the top right and click on Account Settings
  • Select Account Information
  • Under the Applications section, locate FitnessSyncer listings and delete them.
  • Go back into your FitnessSyncer account and reauthenticate one of Garmin Connect item then.
  • For any other of your Garmin Connect items connected to the same device, edit those tasks and select the “Reuse auth from” option for authentication, choosing the item from above.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us.

Is there more data that I can get from Garmin Connect?

If you use the ANT stick and have the .FIT files on your hard drive, you can use the FitnessSyncer Uploader to upload that data into your Notebook.

Otherwise, you can go to Garmin Connect and download a summary CSV:

  • Expand the navigation bar by selecting the arrow from the upper left corner from the screen if not already expanded.
  • Select Activities, then All Activities
  • Filter the activities you wish to export and then click the Export CSV button from the upper left corner
  • Once complete, you can import the CSV in FitnessSyncer Notebook.

Sometimes my Garmin Connect sleep sent to other services is off or duplicated; why?

Garmin Connect samples the sleep and can send us a couple updates of the sleep records before it is finalized, but are sometimes indistinguishable between the completed and incomplete sleeps. Depending on when the sync occurs, it is possible that the sleep sent was incomplete. There currently is not a workaround on this.

I get an error when doing a historic sync on my Garmin Connect.

Garmin Connect (Wellness) only permits the last 30 days for historic syncs. This usually happens by default when you sign up.

For Garmin Connect (Sports), you may need to try to reauthenticate the connection to make it work.

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