What are the changes to the TrainingPeaks features?

TrainingPeaks has made changes to their API program and some of our features are impacted.

  • Using as an Activity Source: We now only read in summary information of your activities, including data such as the date, time, and type of activity; it does not contain a map, calories, and other metadata associated with your activities.
  • Using as an Activity Destination: We are now able to upload non-summary activities into TrainingPeaks, meaning that if you can download a GPX or TCX file from our Stream, we will be able to upload this data to TrainingPeaks. Summary information is not uploaded to TrainingPeaks.
  • Using as a Health Log: FitnessSyncer now features the ability to log your health data into TrainingPeaks. While we cannot read this information, any supported health information on our site can be published to TrainingPeaks to allow you to better plan your training sessions, including steps, resting heart rate, body composition, blood pressure, oxygen, and sleep.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

I have a sync to TrainingPeaks and it ran successfully but I do not see any activities; why?

TrainingPeaks will either sync daily steps, resting heart rate, and similar metrics, or requires that your workouts have deep analytics of the laps or distance. Generally when you are not seeing data in TrainingPeaks it is because the data is not sufficiently rich for TrainingPeaks to make use of it.

I have added a source for TrainingPeaks, but it does not contain all of my data; why?

TrainingPeaks only provides us summary data, primarily to help us prevent publishing duplicates, however, if you simply need a basic summary of your activities, you can also use this feed for your own needs, which is why we expose it.

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