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  TrainingPeaks integration with FitnessSyncer FAQ

What kinds of data can I read or publish to TrainingPeaks?

You can read the following data types from TrainingPeaks:

  • Activity

You can write the following data types to TrainingPeaks:

  • Activity

The following data types are updates-only to TrainingPeaks. This means that our de-duping algorithms are not used for these types:

  • Body Composition
  • Blood Pressure
  • Glucose
  • Oxygen
  • Sleep

How do I get started with TrainingPeaks and FitnessSyncer?

The easiest way to get started is to follow our Getting Started Guide, which will walk you through how to exchange data between TrainingPeaks and many other services!

Are you looking to get more out of our TrainingPeaks integration? Check out our How It Works, which will walk you through how to unlock the full power of FitnessSyncer.

I have a sync to TrainingPeaks, and it ran successfully, but I do not see any activities; why?

TrainingPeaks will either sync daily steps, resting heart rate, and similar metrics, or requires that your workouts have deep analytics of the laps or distance. Generally, when you do not see data in TrainingPeaks, it is because the data is not sufficiently rich for TrainingPeaks to make use of it.

If you are not sure if you do or do not have data with deep analytics, the easiest way to tell is to look at your Stream and see if there is a Download link for GPX or TCX files. If you do not have data with deep analytics, make sure that FitnessSyncer is configured to use it.

I have added a source for TrainingPeaks, but it does not contain all of my data; why?

TrainingPeaks only provides us summary data, primarily to help us prevent publishing duplicates; however, if you need a basic summary of your activities, you can also use this feed for your own needs, which is why we expose it.

I only want my Resting Heart Rate sent to TrainingPeaks and not my activities. How do I do that?

Resting Heart Rate is part of our Activity Data Source, so start by:

  • Add a Source for your Activity Data, such as for Garmin Connect
  • Add a Destination to Sync Activity data to TrainingPeaks
  • When adding your destination (or edit it after you’ve added it), click the Advanced link at the bottom and add a filter for Has Daily Summary. This option is only available on our website.

This option will only synchronize the daily summary items to TrainingPeaks.

How do I get my PulseOx from Garmin or any Oxygen Data to TrainingPeaks?

Configure the source just like the above; however, because we take your average PulseOx in Garmin when sending it to TrainingPeaks, we recommend that you add a filter to your TrainingPeaks destination for Not Today to your Oxygen destination.

It does not appear that you synchronized more than a year’s worth of data; why?

TrainingPeaks does not allow uploads of metric data older than one year.

I do not see calorie information after a sync from TrainingPeaks; why?

TrainingPeaks does not provide calorie information in their API at this time.

Can I automatically make my activities private when pushing them to TrainingPeaks?

Yes, by toggling the Prefer Private Activities on your Settings, we will automatically mark activities uploaded to TrainingPeaks as Private.

I am syncing sleep and activity to TrainingPeaks; why is it showing it as two metrics?

We upload each destination task independently, and TrainingPeaks currently shows those as separate metrics. TrainingPeaks is planning on merging all metrics together in the future.

My TrainingPeaks account only shows 90 days of data; can I get more?

You can do a Historic Sync with a Pro Account by editing your TrainingPeaks source and selecting from the toolbar.