FitnessSyncer Sharing

You can share your entire Dashboard or individual items from your FitnessSyncer Stream with family, friends, or healthcare providers.

To share:

  • Select the dashboard or item from the FitnessSyncer Stream which you wish to share
  • Click on the Share icon from the toolbar
  • The first time you will be asked whether you wish to share this one item — or share all of your items. Granting permission per item allows for more fine-grained control to a specific set of items shared. Granting permission to all items will allow any of your items in the Stream to be viewable.
  • Select the method which you wish to share the item
  • All people who open the link will see that item.

In the Sharing tab of your Profile, you can see all of the items you have shared and remove any of the permissions you have previously granted. Note: There is no way to undo a deleted grant.

Don’t want to share it electronically? No problem, take a look at our Printing Capabilities, a great way to share with doctors and caretakers.