FitnessSyncer Filters

Configuring Filters

Filters allow you to better control the data read from sources or published to other services. We support filters for all primary data our system operates on.

Here are some ways you can use Filters:

  • You are synchronizing your data with CyclingAnalytics, but only want to copy data which you were biking on. You can add a filter on Name for the works that best match your source.
  • Before November, you used to do the synchronization manually. You can tell FitnessSyncer to filter out any data before a particular date.
  • You only want to synchronize data above 2 miles; you can tell FitnessSyncer to filter out data Distance Less Than 2 miles.

The list of filters varies depending on the task type. The complete list is in the user interface.

There is one advanced feature that you should be aware of. You can add parentheses to make conditional operations, such as saying you want tasks that are after a particular date which contain either one term or a distance. In this case, the last two conditions would be in parentheses and you would select Or from the selection box.

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