FitnessSyncer E-mail Task

Adding an E-mail Destination Task

This task will e-mail you a summary of your data sources and include updates on your goals. To configure one of these tasks:

  • From your Account, add a new destination task
  • Type: Set the Type to E-mail
  • Name: Describe your task. If left blank, FitnessSyncer will create a default.
  • Frequency: Indicate how frequent you wish to receive this e-mail
  • The ability to remove duplicated data source automatically.
  • Sync Time: Specifies the time you wish to synchronize your data. This can be a specific time or hourly if you are a Pro user.
  • Enabled: You must select the checkbox to use this destination. If this checkbox is not enabled, this destination will never run.
  • Filters (in Advanced Options): You can filter the data read from this source in many ways; see the Filters section for more information. Note: This is not available within our Apps.
  • Attachment: Include the raw GPX, TCX, KML, KMZ, PWX, or FIT files for your activities as attachments to your e-mail; we recommend this only for Daily Frequencies as the others, depending on your data, may exceed e-mail limits. Note: This is a Pro feature.
  • Send to you and to: Choose another e-mail address to send the updates to. Note: This is a Pro feature.
  • Message for Alternate Message: Provide a little context for this e-mail for the other receivers of this e-mail. Note: This is a Pro feature.

On this page, the toolbar on existing tasks will contain these options: