FitnessSyncer Alerts

This task will monitor your stats and notify you when you exceed the threshold. For example, you can count how many times you have weighed yourself in the last month, and if it is less than a number (say 1), it will e-mail you. You can also alert you when a value is too high or low, such as your glucose readings. Or get notified when you run your 100th mile. The possibilities are endless.

To configure one of these tasks:

  • From your Account, add a new destination task
  • Type: Set the Type to Alert
  • Name: Describe your task. If left blank, FitnessSyncer will create a default.
  • Date Range: Select the number of days or hours to search back from or from a specific date
  • Reducer: What result do you want to alert on? Do you want to alert on the total (sum) of the activities or just one particular (Min/Max)?
  • Data Type: Select the type of data you would like to be alerted on
  • Field: Select the field which you wish to track. Keep in mind that no data is typically a 0.
  • Comparison: How do you want to compare this number?
  • Compare To: The value to compare the value against.
  • Send to you and to: Choose another e-mail address to send the updates to. Note: This is a Pro feature.
  • Message for Alternate Message: Provide a little context for this e-mail for the other receivers of this e-mail. Note: This is a Pro feature.
  • Sync Time: Specifies the time you wish to synchronize your data. This can be a specific time or hourly if you are a Pro user.
  • Enabled: You must select the checkbox to use this destination. If this checkbox is not enabled, this destination will never run.
  • Filters (in Advanced Options): You can filter the data read from this source in many ways; see the Filters section for more information. One of the biggest reasons to use filters here is if you use different equipment for different activities and wish to track them independently. Note: This is not available within our Apps.

Each time the task runs, it will look through the data, and if it finds something that exceeds the value, it will alert you.

On this page, the toolbar on existing tasks will contain these options:

  • : Export a sample to CSV (a great way to test Filters)
  • : Reset the Task
  • : Delete the Source and all of its data