Adding a new Source

A Source is a feed of health or fitness information and collects one type of data, including Activity, Body Composition (Weight), Blood Pressure, Glucose, Nutrition, Oxygen, or Sleep information. Once the data is read into FitnessSyncer, it is available on our Dashboard, Stream, Calendar, Daily Analyzer, Your Best, and Destination Tasks.

When you add or edit a source, you can configure:

  • Type of Activity: Each Source is for one type of data.
  • Name: A name for your quick identification; if left blank, FitnessSyncer will automatically populate it.
  • Context: Only available for Pro users, allows you to put in a grouping context for Charts.
  • Source: This is the service to read your data from
  • Authentication: Based on the service you have selected, this is the permissions required to access it. Some services may require a username and password, while others require you to grant us permission on their sites. For more information, see Permissions.
  • Only put items if none exist for the day: When checked, this will only put items to this destination if there is no data for this date. This is typically used for synchronizing two bands that are worn on different dates.
  • Enabled: If this checkbox is not enabled, this source will not be refreshed.
  • Ignore Daily Calories: For services like Fitbit or Microsoft Health, we will take the full daily burn of calories as the default. Check this to use either the service’s calculation of step calories or 0. Note: This is not available within our Apps.
  • Filters: You can filter how the data is used from each source in many ways; see the Filters section for more information. Note: This is not available within our Apps.

On this page, the toolbar on existing tasks will contain these options:

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