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General FAQ

This is the FAQ page that did not seem to fit anywhere else that seemed to still need answers.

How do you change the display to Metric? Kilometers? Kilograms?

You can control the imperial (miles/pounds) or metric (meters/km/kg) setting and time zone of the display on your Profile.

How do you calculate sleep debt?

We use the formula Sleep Debt = Total Sleep Time - ( Total Awake Time * Ratio of Sleep to Wakefulness ). Like a credit card, a negative number means a debt whereas a positive number implies a credit.

By default, we assume you are sleeping 8 hours a day; you can change this in your profile. If sleep is not tracked on a day, we do not use that day in the calculation.

You can experiment with our calculator on our Health and Fitness calculators section.

Do you have an app?

Yes, we do! While we believe strongly in producing a mobile-friendly web experience, we have created a FitnessSyncer for IOS and FitnessSyncer for Android. These apps have most of the features of, and for more information, please refer to our apps documentation.

While you do not need the apps for most services, note that you do for Apple Health and Samsung Health.

How do I download or export a CSV?

You can export a sample CSV by editing a source or destination task and in the upper right corner, select the Export icon where you will be able to export a sample file.

For larger samples, we recommend that you use our Cloud CSV Export capabilities instead.

What does MAP mean?

MAP is an acronym for mean arterial pressure and a calculation based on your Blood Pressure reading for the arteries’ average blood pressure.

You can experiment with our calculator on our Health and Fitness calculators section.

The date appears to be wrong; how do I resolve this?

More than likely, this is caused by the time zone not correctly being set in FitnessSyncer. You can change it on your Profile. This will usually immediately take effect, but sometimes data is read based on this time zone being configured and will not be corrected by this change. If this does appear to be the issue, you may wish to try a Reset or contact us, and we can take a quick look.

Can you process my planned activities?

We currently only support activities that were done. We do not support planned activities at this time.

How do you handle validation errors?

It depends on what the error is. If the data is out of range, we will not send it to the service; however, if there is some smoothing we can do for the value, we will, which will result in some activities being different than the original recorded value.

Why does FitnessSyncer indicate that it does not support my FIT file?

The .FIT files encode various information, but FitnessSyncer currently only supports the files regarding health and fitness. For example, we do not support Course files for planned activities. If you have a file that you believe should be supported, send it off to us at, and we will take a look.

Do you have Windows Live Tile support?

We do! From Internet Explorer, first login and then pin any page, which will create a Live Tile on your Start Menu. This will cycle through the events on the FitnessSyncer Stream.

Do you have an API?

Please head over to our API documentation to find out how to get started with the API and create a personal account. For anything beyond personal usage, please contact us.

I have a health or fitness website and would like to participate in syncing; how should I go about this?

Please contact us, and we can work on integrating your platform’s capability with ours.

I have a website, and I’d like to show my metrics. Can you do that?

We have a beta version of this available. To get access to it, contact us.

I think I found a bug; what should I do?

Please contact us with the details, and we’ll get that resolved.

Can you add support for...? Can you add a chart for...? Can you...

If you have ideas, please contact us, and we’ll consider them.