This is the page of FAQ that did not seem to fit anywhere else that seemed to still have answers.

How do change the display to Metric? Kilometers? Kilograms?

You can control the imperial (miles/pounds) or metric (meters/km/kg) setting and time zone of the display on your Profile.

Do you have an app?

You do not need an app as our website is mobile friendly and all of our services are done in the cloud without the need to drain your battery.

But for services which are not cloud friendly, we do have a couple targeted apps. The intent of these apps is not to replace the functionality of our website, but rather to extend the FitnessSyncer Platform to these sources.

So far, we have FitnessSyncer H for Apple HealthKit and FitnessSyncer S for Samsung Health available.

Do you have Windows Live Tile support?

We do! From Internet Explorer, first login and then pin any page, which will create a Live Tile on your Start Menu. This will cycle through the events on the FitnessSyncer Stream.

Do you have an API?

Please contact us regarding what you would like to do with our API and we will try to accommodate you.

I have a website and I’d like to show my metrics. Can you do that?

We have a beta version of this available. To get access to it, contact us.

Can you add support for...? Can you add a chart for...? Can you...

If you have ideas, please contact us and we’ll let you know.

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