FitnessSyncer Preferences

You can change your preferences on the profile page or the Settings in the app. We have broken up the configuration into the following sections. Note that not all options are available within our apps.

General Preferences

  • Permission for us to send you period e-mails with FitnessSyncer features.
  • Auto Sync on new Data: When we get new data from sources, do you wish to run the destination tasks automatically? Note: This is a Pro-only feature.
  • Prefer Distance over Steps Data: Some interfaces (such as Fitbit) only allow us to transfer Steps or Distance and calculate the other. By default, we prefer steps. If this is checked, we will send distance instead.
  • Prefer Private Activities for services that support it, such as PulsStory, Strava, and TrainingPeaks.
  • Time zone: Primarily used within our interface, but some services may use this information to better upload data.
  • Default Login Page: This specifies the default page to go to after login.
  • Default Dashboard Granularity: This is the default Dashboard Granularity for non-Pro users. For FitnessSyncer Pro users, this is the default for new charts; existing charts can be changed in the chart settings.

Personal Preferences

  • Height: For sources that do not contain a BMI, to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), we need your height. If you do not specify this, we will not calculate your BMI.
  • BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate is used for certain charts. If not set, those charts will not be available.
  • Display Name: The Display Name is used in certain data sharing scenarios.
  • Birth Date: Your birthdate is used for Heart Rate Calculations and various displays.
  • Gender: This optional value is used in various displays.
  • Body Shape: This optional value is used in various displays.
  • Target Sleep Duration: The target sleep duration is used to calculate your sleep debt.

Unit Preferences

This is for the Display Units for Numbers, Distance, Height, Weight, Water, Nutrition Temperature, Glucose, Date and Time, and Start of Week.

Heart Rate Preferences

Heart Rate Zones for the Heart Rate Charts in the Activity Analytics or some of the Dashboard Charts for Pro Users. Note: If you notice a Zone 0 on our charts, it could be caused by either your configuration or your data.

Power Zone Preferences

Power Zones for the Activity Analytics or some of the Dashboard Charts for Pro Users. Power Zones are defined per activity type or if none match, the Default Power Zones will be used.

Account Maintenance

The Preferences is also where you can:

  • change your password
  • change your e-mail address
  • see active sessions
  • log out
  • delete your account

Not all options are available in our app.

Additional Settings in our App

In our apps, you will also have settings for:

  • Your preferred starting page
  • Enable or Disable Standard Sync for Samsung Health or Apple Health
  • Allow synchronization only over Wi-Fi for Samsung Health or Apple Health
  • Verbose Logging for Support