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The FitnessSyncer Apps allow you to do most of the features you can do on our mobile-friendly but within an App that you install on your phone. You are not required to install this application unless you need access to your HealthKit or Samsung Health (S Health) data.

After logging in for your first time, you will be logged into our Sources and Destination Editor. This can be changed under Settings.

Sources and Destinations

After logging into the FitnessSyncer App, you will be presented with your Sources and Destinations. You can add new sources and destinations, edit, sync or delete any of your existing sources or destinations. In FitnessSyncer for Android, these are explicit buttons, whereas on FitnessSyncer for IOS, we use the swipe gesture for syncing and deleting.

While you can do most of the tasks you can do on, there are a few advanced tasks which you will need to do on These include configuring your CSV imports and exports, Map file imports and exports, and Filters.

For HealthKit or Samsung Health (S Health) data, you will be redirect to a different screen to allow you to select what type of data you wish to access. As you change these access types, you may be asked to grant permissions to FitnessSyncer to read or write this data. As with our cloud offering, you must accept all requested permissions.

Once that the permissions are granted, you can then use the “Sync” button which will synchronize the data with FitnessSyncer.

You should note that non-Pro users are limited to the number of sources and destinations tasks they have within their account and each of these sources count towards this.


The FitnessSyncer App also includes a Dashboard, which will show you the default dashboard with all of your data. The data on the dashboard is based on your sources and the selected Options. The available options are similar to those available on the standard Dashboard.

If you are a Pro user and wish to have a custom dashboard for your mobile experience, you can edit the Dashboard from your browser on and you can select it in the Options. By default, we will show you dashboard saved as Mobile Dashboard.


The full set of Profile settings are available to be changed on your phone.

You can also configure properties specific for HealthKit and Samsung Health towards the bottom of the list, such as whether Standard Synchronization is enabled which will automatically regularly synchronize your Apple HealthKit and Samsung Health items and whether the Standard Synchronization is only available over Wi-Fi.

Lastly, you can change the default screen that is loaded when you login in this area.

FitnessSyncer Pro Subscriptions

You can also purchase your FitnessSyncer Pro subscription within the app.

For FitnessSyncer for IOS, select the About button from the tab bar and you can select the FitnessSyncer Pro button there to help you sign up. You can change your subscription by going to the Settings on your phone and cancelling there. For more information, see Apple’s support site.

For FitnessSyncer for Android, select the FitnessSyncer Pro menu item from the Menu to help you sign up. You can change your subscription by going to the My Apps section of the Google Play Store.

Apple HealthKit

Our IOS application has support for synchronizing to Apple HealthKit. For more information, see our documentation for it.

Samsung Health

Our Android application has support for synchronizing to Samsung Health. For more information, see our documentation for it.

Logging Out

You can log out from the application or you can remove the permissions granted to the application under the Permissions tab on your account.

Having Issues?

If you are having any issues with the FitnessSyncer App, please make sure that you are using the latest version of FitnessSyncer and any app being used such as Samsung Health. If you receive an error regarding whitelisting and you are on the latest version of Samsung Health, you may need to enable developer mode in Samsung Health for us to work properly.

Should you have any feedback or issues regarding the app, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Upgrading from 1.x

While a lot of the 1.x app is still there, we’ve made a few changes you may want to know about:

  • The App used to refer to Standard Sync as Auto-Sync. We’ve changed this to not cause confusion with our FitnessSyncer Pro offering.
  • The default load screen is now the Sources and Destinations. You can change this under Settings.

Joining the Beta

We regularly release beta versions of upcoming features or builds on onto our beta channels. If you would like to help, please do the following.

For FitnessSyncer for IOS, please contact us with your Apple App Store e-mail address and we will add you to our In-Flight test account.

For FitnessSyncer for Android, please install the regular version of FitnessSyncer and once that is installed, head back into the Google Play Store on your phone and on the FitnessSyncer page, you will have the option to opt-in to the FitnessSyncer Beta.

FitnessSyncer for IOS on the App StoreFitnessSyncer for Android on Google Play

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