How FitnessSyncer Works

FitnessSyncer basic flow

To better exploit the power of FitnessSyncer, its best to understand some of the concepts used.

FitnessSyncer is divided into two configuration items, Sources and Destination Tasks.

A Source is a feed of health or fitness information and collects one type of data. For example, if you create an Activity Source, only exercise information will be read from that service. Currently, we support the following types of data:

  • Activity: All Fitness Information including Activity Tracking, Running, Walking, Swimming, Weight Lifting, etc.
  • Blood Pressure: Blood Pressure metrics
  • Glucose: Blood Glucose measurements
  • Body Composition: Body Weight and Composition measurements
  • Nutrition: Nutrition and Water consumption
  • Oxygen: SpO2 Measurements
  • Sleep: Sleep metrics

The information from the Sources is available on our Dashboard, Stream, Calendar, Daily Analyzer, Your Best, and Destination Tasks. More information is available in the section below.

Destination Tasks are tasks which take source data and use it in some way. Today, FitnessSyncer supports the following destination tasks:

  • Sync: This will synchronize the data from the matching sources to selected destination
  • E-mail: This will send you an e-mail notification with your health and fitness updates
  • ShoeRenew: This will monitor your usage of shoes or other equipment and notify you to replace or refresh them
  • Alert: This will monitor any of your data and will notify you when it exceeds a threshold

To synchronize, we copy the items in the Source which are in the Destinations. FitnessSyncer does not delete or update any records directly. If the data is not available from a service, it will result in a 0 and in some rare cases, calculated by FitnessSyncer.

More information about destination tasks is available below.

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