I do not see references to Emfit; should I?

Emfit is currently in beta. To test this out, please contact us..

How do I configure my Emfit device?

Emfit’s service works a little different then our other services and there is a little lag in configuration before you can get value from our service. The steps to configure are as follows:

  • Add a new source for your sleep data and select Emfit as the provider.
  • In the identifier box, please enter your device’s serial number and save.
  • Once saved, we will kick off a manual process to have your account setup and configured with Emfit. They do charge a nominal fee for sharing this information with us that is separate from our FitnessSyncer Pro offering.
  • Once your account is fully configured, we will start receiving data as you complete your sleeps sessions.
  • If you have any questions on this, please let us know.

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