Current Advisory: Heart Rate date appears to not always shown in Google Fit’s app. Google is aware of this issue.

My destination task to Google Fit says it done, but I do not see my data.

It can sometimes take a little bit of time before Google Fit refreshes and sees the new data feeds we put in. This issue is on the Google Fit side and so sometimes restarting can help.

If you have enabled Google Fit’s activity tracking, our system may see this data as conflicting data. We recommendt hat you disable this.

If you are still not seeing it, please also take a look at yesterday or previous days for data as for daily summary information such as daily step counts and similar information, for some sources, we sometimes only upload this information once we see tomorrow’s information.

If it is more than a few days, please contact us and we’ll double check.

Google Fit does not have all of my data; why?

Usually when not all of the data is available, it can be because there is another application uploading into Google Fit which conflicts with our algorithms. We recommend not having other applications update Google Fit.

Google Fit has a lot of small Walking activities; how can I get rid of them?

Google Fit attempts to sequence your steps into segments of walking, which can sometimes be overwhelming. The easiest way to deal with this is to add a Not Classified As Walking filter which will transpose these into daily steps. To do so:

  • Edit your Google Fit Activity Source on
  • If there is an Advanced link towards the bottom of the screen, click it.
  • You will have the Filter metnu available here; select the Not Classified As Walking option and tap Add
  • Then Save
  • Go back into the source and Reset the Source

My Google Fit only shows 90 days of data; can I get more?

With a Pro Account, you can do a Historic Sync by editing your Google Fit source and selecting from the toolbar.

I have added a Glucose or Blood Pressure source or destination to Google Fit but I am getting authentication issues. How do I resolve this?

Glucose and Blood Pressure capability was added on September 3, 2018. If you had an account prior to this, you should reauthenticate your Google Fit connection to acquire the new permissions for this data.

If this is not your issue, please contact us.

How do I stop Google Fit from collecting data?

  • On your phone, open the Google Fit app.
  • Select the menu, profile, and choose settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom and toggle “Activity detection” to off.

Please note that we will start uploading data only after Google Fit shows a day with 0 steps, so generally a day after you do the above would be the first day we would upload, but bear in mind that we would only put those steps once we see the next day’s steps for most sources.

I do not see my maps from Google Fit?

Starting on November 15, 2018, Google Fit has improved the data privacy and security of their system by not granting third parties access to Location information.

If you are using Google Fit as a source, we will be able to access all of your data except we will not have access to any location information.

If you are using Google Fit as a destination, everything will function as normal except that you will only be able to see your map data in Google Fit.

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