I am getting an invalid time zone when synchronizing to MapMyFitness; how do I resolve?

This generally means that the selected timezone in your Profile does not match one of MapMyFitness’s supported list and we do not have the translation supported yet. You can try to pick a time zone from these or contact us and let us know.

Can I access my UA-Record?

We have just released a private beta of this which is available if you contact us with your account information. We are looking for users who use the UA-Record primarily and for users looking to expand to the UA-Record ecosystem.

What is the difference between MapMyFitness and UnderAmour?

During our beta phase, the UnderAmour source or destination will have access to your Exercices, 24/7 Activities, Body Composition, and Sleep and will include all of your data from MapMyFitness. MapMyFitness will only contain your exercise information.

My UnderAmour only shows 90 days of data; can I get more?

With a Pro Account, you can do a Historic Sync by editing your UnderAmour task and selecting Historic Sync from the bottom. This will allow you to select the dates you want to copy into FitnessSyncer and the operation will occur in the background. It could take a while to complete and it is recommended that you not change the settings while it is in progress.

Nothing seems to happen when I click Sync on my UnderAmour sources; why?

We get notified whenever add a new activity in MapMyFitness or your 24/7 Activities, and thus, the sync button usually does not find anything.

My UA-Record data is different or disappears after a push from FitnessSyncer; what is happening?

UnderAmour has a concept of Device Priority which all the data we read would default to your primary device. When we push data to UnderAmour, we will adjust the device priority to the data we have pushed. You can adjust this in UnderAmour in your profile. For assistance, please contact us.

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