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BodyTrace Scale
  BodyTrace Scale integration with FitnessSyncer FAQ

What kinds of data can I read or publish to BodyTrace Scale?

You can read the following data types from BodyTrace Scale:

  • Body Composition

You cannot publish any data to this service at this time.

How do I get started with BodyTrace Scale and FitnessSyncer?

The easiest way to get started is to follow our Getting Started Guide, which will walk you through how to exchange data between BodyTrace Scale and many other services!

Are you looking to get more out of our BodyTrace Scale integration? Check out our How It Works, which will walk you through how to unlock the full power of FitnessSyncer.

How do I configure my BodyTrace Scale?

At the time of purchase of your BodyTrace scales, you will need to indicate that you will be using FitnessSyncer, and they can configure the integration with FitnessSyncer.

Once that is configured, you will need to add a Body Composition Source for each of your scales. In the Identifier field, please enter the serial number of your scale, and on the next weighing, we should receive the data shortly after that.

If you have many of these to configure, you may use our Adding Participants in Batch capability or use our API. For assistance, please contact us.

Nothing seems to happen when I click Sync on my BodyTrace Scale sources; why?

We get immediately notified whenever you weigh yourself within their system, and thus, the sync button usually does not find anything.

Can I get historical data from my BodyTrace Scale?

No, BodyTrace Scales are currently only available for future weight synchronizations.