My Strava only shows 90 days of data; can I get more?

With a Pro Account, you can do a Historic Sync by editing your Strava source and selecting from the toolbar.

Nothing happens when I click Sync on my Strava Source, why?

We get notified whenever add a new activity in Strava, and thus, the sync button usually does not find anything. If you are missing something and you are a Pro user, you can use our Historic Sync feature or contact us.

Can I automatically make my activities private when pushing them to Strava?

Yes, by toggling the Prefer Private Activities on your Settings, we will automatically mark activities uploaded to Strava as Private.

I deleted an item in Strava and reset my destination; why is my item not being uploaded?

Strava remembers that you deleted the item and will not allow us to upload it again. To work around this, select the item from the Stream, selected the (Export) icon and download the TCX file and manually upload this to Strava.

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