FitnessSyncer Destinations

A destination task uses the information from your source and uses it in some way. The following sections describe the currently supported tasks.

  • Synchronization Tasks: Synchronize your health and fitness data from various sources to another service.
  • E-mail Tasks: FitnessSyncer can e-mail you daily, weekly, and monthly health and fitness reports.
  • ShoeRenew: Automatically monitor the wear on your shoes or when to get regular maintenance on equipment.
  • Alert Tasks: Get notified when your data exceeds your configurable thresholds.
  • Refresh Source: A Pro feature to schedule source data refreshes.

To understand the data that your destination tasks use, you can look at the Sankey diagram at the bottom of your Sources and Destinations tab in My Account on The Sankey diagram shows all of your configured sources flowing into the type of data they produce and then flowing into the destination tasks which consume those data types. The diagram does not consider filters at this time.