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FitnessSyncer Sources FAQ

Can I only read data from now on?

The best way to do this is to use an After Date filter, setting the date to the date where you want FitnessSyncer to start from.

I’ve deleted some data, but FitnessSyncer still has it. Why?

FitnessSyncer will only synchronize data that was updated since the last time the task was synchronized and does not forget previous data. To force it to start from scratch, use the Reset button in the Account Manager.

Alternatively, you can delete the items from the FitnessSyncer Stream.

I deleted data on the FitnessSyncer Stream, but it keeps on reappearing. Why?

When we refresh your data, we may re-read that data so you will see it again. To avoid this, we recommended using filters to filter the item out.

Why are there no values for...? Why are there missing values for...?

Some of the data available in the source system may not be available from certain providers in their API. If you are suspicious of missing data or incorrect data, please contact us, and we will look into it.

Why might some of my data is missing? Why do I see No Data?

It will take a little time for our system to read all of your activity, so more than likely, this is why you see this. Other reasons include:

  • If you have a filter, ensure that your filter is not removing too many items.
  • It could be that the dates for your view do not have data. For example, our free accounts are limited to 4-6 weeks of data in various views.
  • After adding some sources like Garmin, it will start sending us activities in the background, and it can take a little longer to see all of those activities.
  • Some sources like Polar only give us access to data from when you first enable the source and do not provide us historical data.
  • Check to make sure that your data has been pushed from your device as well, such as if Bluetooth is off.

If you are still not seeing some data, please send us the screenshot of the source’s data, and we’ll take a look into it.

How do I troubleshoot?

We recommend that you start by looking at FitnessSyncer Stream and ensuring that the source data came in correctly. If there are discrepancies here, please contact us, and we can help diagnose these.

Some data appears to be at the wrong time?

Some sources do not provide Time Zone information, so if they do not, the time can look wrong; for those services, you can set your Time Zone preference under your Account Preferences. If that does not make a difference, please contact us.

My task is in Sync Queued state; why?

Sync Queued means that either we are running something else on your behalf that may be taking some time or that it is not currently in progress because our system is busy doing other users’ tasks and will do this work in the priority order. Our Pro subscribers have priority access to our system.

My task has been running for a while; why?

Most tasks incremental tasks will be pretty quick. However, initial synchronizations of data can take a while, especially with certain services. Some of our service providers limit the number of requests we can do or the rate that we can do them, so we will make incremental progress towards the completion of your task as fast as we can.

I am getting an unknown error when I sync.

Sometimes there can be transient errors that can occur, such as maintenance on the remote service, network connectivity issues, or something of this nature. We would recommend that you try again later.

If the problem persists for over a day, please contact us.